Turn Your Free Wi-Fi Into A Powerful Marketing Tool

As a business owner, you already know that providing customers with a free Wi-Fi connection is a smart move. Providing a free Wi-Fi hotspot creates affinity for your brand, and it keeps loyal customers coming through your doors.

What it doesn’t do is bring in new customers, or drive new sales.

Until now.

With nGageWiFi, you can transform your free Wi-Fi connection into a powerful social media marketing tool and bring in new business through a channel you probably never even realized you already own…


Take Your Wi-Fi to a Whole New Level with nGageWiFi…

nGageWiFi provides your brand with a new way to market, by utilizing your free Wi-Fi connection as a marketing tool. With nGage, you can transform your customers into fans, reach your customers’ friends, offer custom promotions and loyalty rewards, and obtain valuable social analytics….all through your business’ free Wi-Fi connection.

Sound about right? It gets even better. With our cloud-based, secure hotspot platform, you can connect with your customers with total confidence. Our technology is second to none, and seamlessly integrates with your business’ Wi-Fi.

Today’s a great day to put your Wi-Fi to work for your business…

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